Vic Kirby


Born in the U.K., I studied Pure Mathematics at Oxford, which gave me a solid grounding in critical thinking, but no specific career direction.  I gravitated towards IT, learning the intricacies of Assembler programming.  I soon yearned for a more creative role, and progressed through systems design and management to management consulting, eventually focusing on helping organizations get value from IT and deal with major changes in the environments in which they operate.

Creative as this work is, I found I had a desire and talent to express myself further along a number of parallel streams - photography, writing, and acting.  I believe that limiting one’s mode of expression does not allow an individual to fulfill themselves completely.  There is a synergy between different modes of creativity that nourishes my work.

Variety in my surroundings also stimulate my creativity.  I spend half the year based on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, and the other half in the entirely different environment of Todos Santos, Baja in Mexico.

I hope you enjoy the site and its links to specific examples of my work.


Exploring avenues of creativity

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