A Day on an Island

August 31, 2015

Mavy and I have worked together for at least 3 years – probably more.  Much of our work has been somewhat ‘fashion-like” in style, though Mavy’s talents extend beyond that.  With the time we have spent together, and our mutual respect, though, we are comfortable trying experimenting with something different.  We decided to spend a day on a small island just offshore of Nanaimo, and to see what we could do outside of fashion.  Newcastle Island has a wide variety of locations within its small geography.  Combine that with the dramatic differences in “feel” depending on the light and time of day, and the scene was set for some creative leaps (while avoiding the many groups of kids and families also enjoying the lovely day!)

Early on we found a grove of tress and undergrowth that had a magical feel to it, even though the summer’s drought had diminished the density of the greenery.  Here are some photos from that part of the session that I enjoy:

P8190098 P8190070 P8190057-3177 P8190040-2 P8190039

Further along the trail, I found what I had been looking for – an expanse of grass (or at least reeds), some in full sun, others in the shade.  Here we experimented with back-lighting, silhouettes, and just isolating the figure in the sea of grass.

P8190197 P8190192 P8190154 P8190129-2 P8190102On the way to the beach cove (which we never managed to reach in the time we had available!), I noticed the light streaming through the dark forest and lighting up small patches.  I am often drawn to dramatic natural light, with its extremes of contrast and “glow”, even though it is really at the limit of what you can shoot successfully (with the technology in my cameras at least!)  We tried a few ideas here, and I am very happy with the results, of which I’ll show a couple here:


P8190214 P8190202 Finally, as time ran out, we tried some different ideas near the old quarries, with fallen trees and fascinating sandstone cliffs.  A good end to a varied and enjoyable day of shooting 🙂

P8190261 P8190240

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