February 2017


A Traveling Model comes to Town

“There’s a (professional) model I know of who is in Todos Santos right now”  And so a chat with a Vancouver photographer friend led me to contact Tanisha and arrange a spontaneous shoot.  She was only in Todos Santos on vacation for a few days. I recognized where she was staying from the Instagram photo […]

A Dancer Comes to Town

I love photographing dancers, for a variety of reasons.  They know, through training, how to use their bodies to make beautiful shapes, and to portray emotion.  They are usually photogenic and fit.  And dancing itself provides a beautiful source of imagery. Many years ago, I met Tahnee, who is the daughter of a local cafeowner, […]

A Dance of Intimacy

                            For me, a photo session with a woman is like a dance of intimacy. No, I am not being literal or implying anything inappropriate. It’s nothing to do with the physical side, nor the amount of clothes worn or discarded during […]