A Traveling Model comes to Town

February 24, 2017

“There’s a (professional) model I know of who is in Todos Santos right now”  And so a chat with a Vancouver photographer friend led me to contact Tanisha and arrange a spontaneous shoot.  She was only in Todos Santos on vacation for a few days. I recognized where she was staying from the Instagram photo David Falk had seen that started the conversation.

Despite some strange time lags of 12 hours or more on WhatsApp messages (which made both of us think the other might be not coming to the shoot!), and Tanisha and her friends suffering from bad food at a beach restaurant out of town, we connected one morning.  Working with whatever clothing pieces I had on hand, and going with what looked good in that light, we shot in empty fields, on the dunes, and finally in and around the gorgeous house in which she was staying.  We are both happy with the results, of which a few are shown here.

The session reminded me of how easy it is to work with a very experienced model who is on the same page creatively.  It’s far from impossible to create great images with models who are less experienced (so long as they have the same artistic drive), but it does take longer to work towards strong imagery and associated posing.

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