It’s a Small World

March 2, 2017

The story behind this shoot in Todos Santos, Mexico starts last summer, in Kelowna, BC, Canada.  Traveling to Calgary from the island, we stayed in Vernon for a few days.  Before arriving, we made the obligatory stop at Opus, the arts supply store, in downtown Kelowna.  Close by is an exceptional vintage / consignment  / designer store called “Georgie Girl” which we explored – me looking for items with which I might do a shoot, Diane looking to see what they had that she liked.  When Diane found something for herself, she exclaimed that she wasn’t sure whether it would be too hot for use in Mexico.  That lead to the owner, Angie, talking about her trip to Mexico, and her plans to be there this winter and maybe buy a place to live there. Which place is Mexico?  Well, of all the vast expanse of Mexico, the part she had fallen in love with was… Todos Santos!

Fast forward to this winter season.  We connected here (not that difficult, given how small Todos Santos is), and talked about fashion and creative photoshoots.  Although Angie has styled and arranged many photoshoots for her store, she had never had a professional session of her own.  And so we planned this day of photography, working with the limited range of clothes she had brought down,  in and around one of my favorite beaches here.

Here are some of my favorites from the session.  Angie may be quite a bit older than many of the models I work with, with no personal experience as a model, but I hope you will agree that she did a great job and looks amazing in the images.  Passion, willingness to let go and try things, and connection are by far the most important ingredients for a successful shoot.  Experience just helps get to the right poses faster 🙂

Georgie Girl :  FB georgiegirlvintage

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