Cloudy Day at the Beach

March 14, 2017

It’s always sunny in Baja!  Well, often it is.  But there are sometimes days in the winter when the grey clouds roll in and completely change the feel of the place.

It was on one of these days that I had a shoot with Alicia.  I hadn’t worked with her before, but had been intrigued by her look in some modeling photos she posted.  We agreed to do a simple shoot at a favorite beach of mine here – San Pedrito de las Palmas (or “Palm Beach”).

The clouds made for a different look to the usual high contrast environment at the beach.  My time on the island in British Columbia prepared me, in a way, for working in such a setting (though the light level is still much greater, so you still need sunglasses and it is easy to max out the shutter speed when using a large aperture!).  Clouds help to show skin nicely, without deep shadows.  They do introduce the challenge of avoiding plain dullness in images that show the surroundings.  Natural settings are easier than urban ones,  thankfully, as the latter seems to just look dusty and dull,

Here are a few of my favorites from the afternoon
Click on images for a larger version

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