… And She Came with Flowers in Her Hair

April 21, 2017

The first session with Kenia was largely spontaneous (other than selecting the amazing blue graduation dress ahead of time).  For our second shoot, we agreed on a central theme of casual romantic innocence by a beach.  Part of the look we wanted was hair done in braids, with flowers woven into the strands – and the result was all I wanted!

Kenia arrived with Erick Ochoa, her favourite MUA, who spent the day with us.  Having extra people on a shoot certainly makes it possible to change up the look (makeup hair, accessories) and also takes issues away from the photographer.  I am so busy looking for the right light and composition, and dealing with technical stuff that it is easy to miss stray hairs, fading makeup and small clothing missteps.. an extra pair of eyes can ensure that shots are wasted.  The downside of extra people is that it diminishes the intimacy between the model and photographer.  It becomes more of a professional team production than an exploration between two linked people.  As a result, I find it harder to keep us focused on emotional content in the photos.  However, this session was effective and we managed to deliver a set of photos that, although not as personal perhaps as the first session, has some images that “wow” me.

We started in the “Bocana” area of Las Tunas in Todos Santos, before moving to the rocks of la Poza.  A sequence of clouds made it challenging at times to get the exposure and “look” consistent, as the light kept changing.  The clouds did help at times though adding variety to the sky, and knocking down the intense contrast that is the norm for a Baja shoot.

Hope you enjoy this selection of photos…

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