The Dancer Returns…

May 2, 2017

Tahnee and I were very happy with the results of the first session we had on the dunes and around the town (you can see the images here ).  We arranged a follow-up session; this time to be held mostly at perhaps my favorite local beach – San Pedrito de las Palmas.  This hidden beach has a back ground of palms and reed marshland, and a perfect sandy cove set between rocky headlands. We finished off with some images at Cafe Todos Santos in town

Tahneee brought a long time friend and prospective model Breseida with her.  You will have to wait for another post to see pictures of her – they have quite a different feel from the ones Tahnee and I made!  While we only used two outfits at the beach (and one more dress in town), we managed to create a variety of looks.  The stunning red dress that we used for the imagery in and around the water is perhaps my favorite.  It’s hard not to love the intensity of the red with Tahnee’s hair, against the neutral colours of the beach and water.

I hope you enjoy these selected images from the shoot.  

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