June 2017


Once more, dear friend

For the past 4 or 5 years, Yazmin and I have had a day long photoshoot when I am down in Baja.  Our first session nearly didn’t happen, as my Spanish was poor, and the person she had helping her communicate around setting up the session was a little flaky.  But the first sessions that […]

Back to the Future

There is something special about Kenia that just comes through in every session we have.  In most, I have pushed her out of her comfort zone of straight fashion modeling into a space that is more free and creative, and she assumed the role with ease.  For our last session this winter, she wanted to […]

The Ephemeral Model …

For me, a session works best when there are no surprises – in terms of theme, location, preparation and expectations for the shoot.  That includes identifying any other people who will be around for the shoot. I feel that I work best when it is just the model and myself joined in creation.  Yes, MUAs […]