Back to the Future

June 25, 2017

There is something special about Kenia that just comes through in every session we have.  In most, I have pushed her out of her comfort zone of straight fashion modeling into a space that is more free and creative, and she assumed the role with ease.  For our last session this winter, she wanted to try a variation on the fashion theme – a homage to Mexican movie stars of the past with strong “Hollywood” light, retro hair and bold makeup.  I arranged to use the new hip hotel in town – “The Vibe”  – as the setting, and Kenia pulled together her favorite MUA, Eric Ochoa, and hairstylist (Abraham Alvarez) to bring the project to life.

To be entirely faithful to the theme, I suppose I should have processed all in black and white.  However, Kenia brought some jewel tone outfits designed by her friend, Marianna, and I just could not miss the opportunity to show some in sumptuous colour too.  We started with stark hard light portraits outside, experimented with others inside, and ended up on the patio, playing with light and shade.  And yes, we strayed from the theme.  But I like to go where the session leads.  Themes are there as a starting point, not a rigid box (unless it is a commission!)

I am happy with many of the images, but the experience was quite different from the other shoots.  Much more like a big production with a team, than a creative dance between model and photographer.  Perhaps the location had something to do with it, as I resonate better with the wildness of nature.  But, whatever the cause, it felt rather bounded and constrained and less an exploration of wild possibilities.  But the images still sing, I think.  You can judge for yourself …

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