Once more, dear friend

June 27, 2017

For the past 4 or 5 years, Yazmin and I have had a day long photoshoot when I am down in Baja.  Our first session nearly didn’t happen, as my Spanish was poor, and the person she had helping her communicate around setting up the session was a little flaky.  But the first sessions that year were great, starting with simple beach photos and ending up with shooting complex seashell fantasy creations (that were incredible detailed – and heavy! – and won the associated competition in Baja).

This year, we returned to the sea, and one of Yazmin’s favorite places – Balandra.  Only we don’t go to the popular main beach, but instead to the other side of the famous bay, across the sand / mud flats at the back of the mangroves.  Here it is peaceful and beautiful.  It’s almost like being on a tropical island, alone.  You can see the hectic activity far across the bay, with miniature people swarming on the beach, but you can’t hear it.  Instead you have the lapping waves, the warm sand and water, and the accompaniment of the occasional seabird.

I do tire of swimsuit shoots, but Yazmin is an established friend who has been through a lot in the time I have known her – and looks great in swimsuits.  So I tried to make fresh images, as well as the standard swimsuit imagery.

From a technical point of view, the challenges come from the intense light, and the white sand.  Hardly the ideal conditions for imagery that showcases skin and complexions, given that I don’t use supplemental lighting nor even reflectors.  For this I used the Pentax K1 camera, as it has a great dynamic range, and you can bring up shadows without problems.  Just don’t blow the highlights… 🙂

Enjoy the photos..

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