Farewell to Mexico.. for now!

July 30, 2017

The end of the winter season in Mexico is always a very busy time.  It is surprising just how much work is involved in setting up to transition to another home in a different country.  While we have the process pretty tuned by now, with a set of checklists, it always seems rushed.  Add to the preparations the need to arrange get togethers with friends we won’t see for a while, and the demands for shoots given that I will be absent for several months, and it’s hard to catch a breath.

Almost at the very end of our time there, Alonso, a longtime friend and fellow photographer, wanted to try to get together one more time to do a session together.  We found a date that would work, albeit with time pressure as I had a show of my work opening that evening, and Alonso lined up 2 models and an MUA (also an aspiring model).

Now, this is Mexico, and I have found that the complexities of getting models ready rises to the power of the number of people involved.  So I should perhaps have been expecting delays.  My nerves were getting frazzled, given the hard stop of my attendance at the show, when they finally turned up.  There was so little time to shoot that it turned into something more like 2 individual shoots without much ability to share ideas and tips.  And with three models, there was not enough time to build the rapport that I like to develop in my own sessions.

Despite all this, I love a number of the images that came from that rushed afternoon.  And I will try to forget about the panic that ensued when I could not find my keys as I tried to rush to the show… with eventually one of the models finding them high up on a shelf in the casita. There are benefits to tall models with “tacones” !   And I did sell some work at the show, so it was a productive day.  I look forward to working with Alonso and his models again – Grace, Nereyda and Monica (the MUA)

Here are some of my favorites:

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