October 2017


Spontaneity as a cure for mental blocks

Janelle and I have shot together for many years. Indeed I was the photographer who persuaded her to give modeling a try.  Over the years she has developed great modeling skills, and has also ventured into doing people photography herself, with excellent results https://www.facebook.com/photographyjanellelee/.  In her photography work Janelle shows a good, perceptive eye, and […]

A session that almost didn’t happen …

Coordinating shoots, and especially first shoots, is a game of chance.  Maybe it’s a function of working in two laidback areas of the world.  Maybe it’s a function of the age of most models, at a time in their lives where plans are more flexible and commitments less firm than with an older generation.  Whatever […]

Return to Kye Bay

Lana and I have known each other for a few years now, and periodically, when the timing is right, we have got together to have a session.  I am a believer in not shooting unless both parties are excited about the opportunity and feel creative.  Mediocre motivation often leads to technically good, but lifeless photos.  […]