Return to Kye Bay

October 1, 2017

Lana and I have known each other for a few years now, and periodically, when the timing is right, we have got together to have a session.  I am a believer in not shooting unless both parties are excited about the opportunity and feel creative.  Mediocre motivation often leads to technically good, but lifeless photos.  To make photos that grab you, both have to be engaged, and the mask of day-to-day life needs to drop a little, if only for the session.

One afternoon this summer, the conditions were ripe, and we set out again to create some imagery with some of her favorite clothes.  Naturally, I picked one of her favorite places in the valley, where she feels most comfortable – Kye Bay.  The location is beautiful, with light woodland edging a wide sandy crescent shaped beach.  Technically, the challenge was strong summer sunshine, making for often dappled light in the woods (with a strong green cast), and harsh lighting in direct sun.  The latter can be offset somewhat by the reflected light from the sand – but it still requires careful exposure and processing.

It is always a journey in a session, from tentative and somewhat stilted beginnings, to the real person emerging from behind the mask.  It’s one of the magical elements of this type of work.  This was no exception.  As the session progressed, the walls came down and we were able to capture what I think are images that show a glimpse of the real Lana.  You can be the judge …

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