A session that almost didn’t happen …

October 3, 2017

Coordinating shoots, and especially first shoots, is a game of chance.  Maybe it’s a function of working in two laidback areas of the world.  Maybe it’s a function of the age of most models, at a time in their lives where plans are more flexible and commitments less firm than with an older generation.  Whatever the reason, there is always a possibility of models “flaking” on a planned shoot, and the probability is higher when both are unknowns to the other.  I always check in just before the shoot to see if we are still on, or they have forgotten or have another commitment planned.  On a very few occasions, despite this, I turn up and find no-one arrives. This rarely improves my day …

In early summer, after lengthy messaging between us, I finally set up a session with a model (Jade) who, to my eyes, had a unique and compelling look.  We agreed to meet at the bus station in Courtenay, where I would await her bus from the ferry terminal off Denman Island.  I arrived a little early, and waited.  And waited.  I looked around the bus stop, looked at schedules.  I waited until the next bus from that location arrived.  Still no model.  I had no access to Facebook, so no means of contacting her (I, unusually, did not have her cell number).  After 3/4 hour, I left.  As I was driving away, I got a call.  She had arrived even earlier and, since it was cool, had been sitting in the cafe nearby waiting for me.  I returned to the cafe!

After that unfortunate start to the morning, we had an interesting session.  First collaborative sessions are always a time for exploration.  There are multiple objectives at play.  You want to make the most of the capabilities of the other.  At the same time, you need to get an understanding of the approach of the other party and you want to make the session useful for both of you.  It is a game of revealing yourself while at the same time probing the other, and looking for how to get the best out of the pairing.  It certainly is hard work, I think, but it can be very rewarding.

We did a mixture of looks that morning.  Some capture her unique “waif” look.  Others, I think, may show more of the fire and peacefulness that exists within her.  Here are a few of my favorites ..

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