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It’s a Small World

The story behind this shoot in Todos Santos, Mexico starts last summer, in Kelowna, BC, Canada.  Traveling to Calgary from the island, we stayed in Vernon for a few days.  Before arriving, we made the obligatory stop at Opus, the arts supply store, in downtown Kelowna.  Close by is an exceptional vintage / consignment  / […]

A Traveling Model comes to Town

“There’s a (professional) model I know of who is in Todos Santos right now”  And so a chat with a Vancouver photographer friend led me to contact Tanisha and arrange a spontaneous shoot.  She was only in Todos Santos on vacation for a few days. I recognized where she was staying from the Instagram photo […]

A Dancer Comes to Town

I love photographing dancers, for a variety of reasons.  They know, through training, how to use their bodies to make beautiful shapes, and to portray emotion.  They are usually photogenic and fit.  And dancing itself provides a beautiful source of imagery. Many years ago, I met Tahnee, who is the daughter of a local cafeowner, […]

A Dance of Intimacy

                            For me, a photo session with a woman is like a dance of intimacy. No, I am not being literal or implying anything inappropriate. It’s nothing to do with the physical side, nor the amount of clothes worn or discarded during […]

Liquid Skies

Liquid skies Falling on metallic sea Horizon melting into union and uniformity As the light fades   In the distance Crows call Faint sounds of merriment Drift with smoke from damp beach fires   But here the world is crying Bursts of tears drop softly Quieting the waves   They slip into the wetness Salt […]

Desperately seeking (authentic) photographic voice!

Just like at the glorious heart-racing beginning of a love affair, everything can be shiny, new and exciting when you first get serious about photography. It’s easy to get sucked in by the novelty of it, and by the satisfaction of having the results of engagement with the chosen one reflected back. Just like the […]

What I Look For in a Model

A pretty face and an attractive body are not the most important criteria that I look for in a model. Yes, that is the conventional perspective of “model photography”.  But after several years of shooting women, my ideas of what I want from a model have crystallized and go in different directions.  So what is […]

Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.

Peter Adams

A Day on an Island

Mavy and I have worked together for at least 3 years – probably more.  Much of our work has been somewhat ‘fashion-like” in style, though Mavy’s talents extend beyond that.  With the time we have spent together, and our mutual respect, though, we are comfortable trying experimenting with something different.  We decided to spend a […]

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams