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Size IS Important

Maybe it is a clickbait title. But I have been reflecting recently on aspects of photography – and modeling – where size does impact the results that are delivered. Let’s start, in this post, where the concept really hit me. In editing images, of all places. Through the looking glass – photo editing Like many […]

Desperately seeking (authentic) photographic voice!

Just like at the glorious heart-racing beginning of a love affair, everything can be shiny, new and exciting when you first get serious about photography. It’s easy to get sucked in by the novelty of it, and by the satisfaction of having the results of engagement with the chosen one reflected back. Just like the […]

A New Site for My Photography of Women

Over the last year or so I have experimented with many forms of photography and, while it has been an adventure, I have found that some results have left me feeling empty.  I have even contemplated giving up photography as a major activity, feeling that often the reward did not match the effort and commitment […]