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Still trying …

It’s been a long time since I posted an article about a shoot. Why? The combination of two elements: Wondering what the value is of doing so as few bother to read or even look at the pretty pictures ( I have defaulted to a way for me to store for, if nothing else, some […]

Spontaneity as a cure for mental blocks

Janelle and I have shot together for many years. Indeed I was the photographer who persuaded her to give modeling a try.  Over the years she has developed great modeling skills, and has also ventured into doing people photography herself, with excellent results  In her photography work Janelle shows a good, perceptive eye, and […]

A session that almost didn’t happen …

Coordinating shoots, and especially first shoots, is a game of chance.  Maybe it’s a function of working in two laidback areas of the world.  Maybe it’s a function of the age of most models, at a time in their lives where plans are more flexible and commitments less firm than with an older generation.  Whatever […]

Return to Kye Bay

Lana and I have known each other for a few years now, and periodically, when the timing is right, we have got together to have a session.  I am a believer in not shooting unless both parties are excited about the opportunity and feel creative.  Mediocre motivation often leads to technically good, but lifeless photos.  […]

Mystery in the gloom, and the reality of ephemeral connections

Spring on Vancouver Island is always a game of chance.  You might get relaxing warm sunshine.  But more likely than not you will enjoy grey days with a hint of moisture and a wind that whispers of storms past, and, if you listen with an open heart, maybe of better days to come. It was […]

Gold in the Cold

When we arrive back in Canada in April, the weather on Vancouver Island is, to say the least, unpredictable.  You might get some comfortable, warm days, but you can also experience rain and even strong storms.  That makes it rather difficult to plan outdoor shoots that rely on good weather.  However, the creative urge requires […]

Once more, dear friend

For the past 4 or 5 years, Yazmin and I have had a day long photoshoot when I am down in Baja.  Our first session nearly didn’t happen, as my Spanish was poor, and the person she had helping her communicate around setting up the session was a little flaky.  But the first sessions that […]

Back to the Future

There is something special about Kenia that just comes through in every session we have.  In most, I have pushed her out of her comfort zone of straight fashion modeling into a space that is more free and creative, and she assumed the role with ease.  For our last session this winter, she wanted to […]

The Dancer Returns…

Tahnee and I were very happy with the results of the first session we had on the dunes and around the town (you can see the images here ).  We arranged a follow-up session; this time to be held mostly at perhaps my favorite local beach – San Pedrito de las Palmas.  This hidden beach […]

… And She Came with Flowers in Her Hair

The first session with Kenia was largely spontaneous (other than selecting the amazing blue graduation dress ahead of time).  For our second shoot, we agreed on a central theme of casual romantic innocence by a beach.  Part of the look we wanted was hair done in braids, with flowers woven into the strands – and […]