News and Thoughts on Photography and Art

Over the last year or so I have experimented with many forms of photography and, while it has been an adventure, I have found that some results have left me feeling empty.  I have even contemplated giving up photography as a major activity, feeling that often the reward did not match the effort and commitment […]

Gold in the Cold

When we arrive back in Canada in April, the weather on Vancouver Island is, to say the least, unpredictable.  You might get some comfortable, warm days, but you can also experience rain and even strong storms.  That makes it rather difficult to plan outdoor shoots that rely on good weather.  However, the creative urge requires […]

Farewell to Mexico.. for now!

The end of the winter season in Mexico is always a very busy time.  It is surprising just how much work is involved in setting up to transition to another home in a different country.  While we have the process pretty tuned by now, with a set of checklists, it always seems rushed.  Add to […]

Evening Dress – In a Desert Cave

For our last shoot of the season, Niza suggested shooting at a landmark on the outskirts of La Paz called “La Calavera”.  The name means “skull” and there are a number of ancient legends about the rock outcropping to the east side of La Paz.  The name might simply be though from the look of […]

Once more, dear friend

For the past 4 or 5 years, Yazmin and I have had a day long photoshoot when I am down in Baja.  Our first session nearly didn’t happen, as my Spanish was poor, and the person she had helping her communicate around setting up the session was a little flaky.  But the first sessions that […]

Back to the Future

There is something special about Kenia that just comes through in every session we have.  In most, I have pushed her out of her comfort zone of straight fashion modeling into a space that is more free and creative, and she assumed the role with ease.  For our last session this winter, she wanted to […]

The Ephemeral Model …

For me, a session works best when there are no surprises – in terms of theme, location, preparation and expectations for the shoot.  That includes identifying any other people who will be around for the shoot. I feel that I work best when it is just the model and myself joined in creation.  Yes, MUAs […]

Size IS Important

Maybe it is a clickbait title. But I have been reflecting recently on aspects of photography – and modeling – where size does impact the results that are delivered. Let’s start, in this post, where the concept really hit me. In editing images, of all places. Through the looking glass – photo editing Like many […]

The Dancer Returns…

Tahnee and I were very happy with the results of the first session we had on the dunes and around the town (you can see the images here ).  We arranged a follow-up session; this time to be held mostly at perhaps my favorite local beach – San Pedrito de las Palmas.  This hidden beach […]

… And She Came with Flowers in Her Hair

The first session with Kenia was largely spontaneous (other than selecting the amazing blue graduation dress ahead of time).  For our second shoot, we agreed on a central theme of casual romantic innocence by a beach.  Part of the look we wanted was hair done in braids, with flowers woven into the strands – and […]