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The Surreal Trees of North Big Island

While most people gravitate to the waterfalls and flowers in the tropical forests of the Big Island in Hawaii (and they are beautiful), I was much more moved by the various trees I came across.  And not just the size of them.  The sinuous trunks, lit almost as if underwater, given the density of the […]

But is is Art?

Recently I have been experimenting with manipulating photos, after they are edited to my taste, in a suite of programs that allows for a variety of transforming and “painterly” effects.  I find a number of the results fascinating and often more compelling than the originals. That has lead me to wonder – is this an […]

At First Sight – making a shoot work with someone new

First shoots in creative collaborations are like a blind date in some ways.  You look forward to the encounter, you hope it will work out, you check out the other person beforehand to try to ensure there will be a connection (and that they are not an axe murderer or the like, at least as […]

Thoughts on the “Professional” label

    There aren’t many great benefits from getting old.  One might be that you become much more self aware, which can help you avoid repeating the same mistakes time and time again.  If you listen to the message and respond, rather than react, of course!  I have become much more aware of my “triggers”, […]